Our Mission

The Forbes Agency is built upon a spiritual foundation in which each person it is connected with, adapts not only to the success in their career, but in their personal life and business relations. In addition to establishing a legitimate action plan to success, The Forbes Agency invests in quality work within its community for those who aspire to be full-time creators.

We pridefully represent the city we were birthed in Baton Rouge, LA. We will continue to bring creatives together to collaborate, encourage, and empower one another. We strive to educate our talent not only on the tools required to dominate the industry, but give a legitimate blueprint to approach the industry with confidence in their own individual power and beauty.

Lastly, we ensure the possibility for a prosperous career regardless of societal opinion and the ability to impact each company, client, or campaign talent has been hired for in an unforgettable way.


Unlike the conventional talent or modeling agency that chooses to sign a model based on how well they fit into their personal company “standard,” The Forbes Agency constructs it’s vision based on the uniqueness and individual beauty of each person. We adapt to and empower creatives of many different walks of life, many different body shapes, overall looks, and talents. Ranging from editorial and print work, to brand ambassador campaigns for local companies, there are no limits to what we can curate, and with whom we can curate with. Our current method is the future of global industry casting.


“The use of The Forbes Agency was an easy call. They were professional and responsive. We worked with Nabila. She was prompt and friendly and brought great energy and passion for the job along with her to the set. We were very pleased.”

— Achroma Studio Owner Shagari Gerard

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ayana Forbes on many occasions. Her love and passion for fashion resonates in everything she does. I feel confident that she brings that same professionalism and passion to her agency in representing her models.”

Tracee Dundas,
Founder |Executive Producer
New Orleans Fashion Week

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