2020 Holiday Campaign | TFX x Power Pump Girls Inc.

Period Poverty Awareness

This holiday season we partnered up with Power Pump Girls Inc. for an empowering cause.

Power Pump Girls are a social impact club empowering women to connect and serve. We teamed up with them because we value creating meaningful conversations around women’s rights, empowerment, racial equality, education and more- everything that Power Pump Girls provide through their organization. 

So what is period poverty? Period poverty is when an individual is unable to access or obtain menstrual hygiene products. Why does it matter? Period poverty affects under-resources individuals who may be in school, homeless, displaced due to poverty, or who has restricted access for another reason.

Secured. is Power Pump Inc.’s initiative to combat period poverty and the stigma around mensuration. Power Pump Inc. collects products and donations to service individuals in need. They advocate for women’s health and security and promote education and awareness.

Over 19 million women are in low-income households / poverty within the U.S. It only takes 1 person to make a difference.

If you feel the call, you can check out Secured. here and donate now to help other worthy women instantly.